Marketing with AI

The team at Chridomi can help you gain a clearer understanding of how receptive a customer or client is to a specific digital marketing effort through Chridomi’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing Suite.

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A paradigm shift is coming in content creation. In the not-too-distant future, synthetic media will replace the need for physical cameras, complex video editing tasks, writing content like news, or even complete books and movies. Chridomi uses this same AI technology to create everything from high-quality videos, and voice acting, to writing custom articles with simple and intuitive interfaces for our clients and partners. The creative possibilities are endless!

Marketing with AI & Synthetic Media:

  • AI voice and 3d virtual actors in 65+ languages
  • AI product marketing videos
  • AI content creation
  • AI training videos
  • AI video creation
  • AI how-to videos
  • AI presentations
  • AI commercials
  • AI text-to-voice
  • AI artwork
  • Custom AI solutions
  • And much more!

Marketing with Automation

AI makes your marketing automation more intelligent. It works with marketing automation to enable translating data into actions and interactions that positively impact your business strategies.

The world runs on data, but what matters more is how quickly and accurately you can turn that data into actionable insights. The speed at which the marketing tasks are executed and implemented is the most critical element that our AI marketing can bring to your business. AI can help determine the next best actions for your customers, and then define which campaign to send to them for higher conversion rates.

AI in email marketing automation can be used to increase customer engagement and email open rate(s). In particular, AI goes one step ahead of a copywriter by optimizing subject lines for clicks and tracking their performance.

AI can also generate and optimize content in multiple email formats that are friendly and relevant to individual receivers.

We also use AI in social media automation; just like in the case of email marketing, our clients can utilize it to increase their customer engagement and optimize content.

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